Google analytics y las variables personalizadas [Enlace]

Interesante artículo Spotlight on Google Analytics features: Custom variables en el Conversion Room Blog .

Nos dan algunos ejemplos sobre cómo utilizar las variables personalizadas en Google Analytics.

Por ejemplo, para marcar la navegación de los usuarios que hayan realizado una compra podríamos incluir el código:

_setCustomVar(1, «Buyer», «yes», 1)

Copio y pego la explicación de los tres parámetros:

_setCustomVar(slot, name, value, scope)
  • Slot: is the slot number of the variable. There are five available slots (1-5) for each site, so be careful not to overwrite existing slots when you set a new custom variable. As the buyer variable is the first for our site we are going to allocate it the first slot. Note: In reality you can reuse slots that have a pageview or visit level scope but that can quickly become confusing. My advice is to stay away from this until you really have to. You can get more info on reusing slots here
  • Name: is the name of the custom variable. So to capture buyers we may want to to name the variable ‘Buyer’
  • Value: for a given name we will probably have at least one value. For our buyer example we will set their value as ‘yes’ when they buy something.
  • Scope: is the scope of the variable. There are three scopes; visitor (1), visit or session (2) and page-level (3). A visitor (1) variable persists in every pageview and visit that the visitor generates. You use it when you want to track how people interact with the site site over multiple visits, its not a value that will change often. A visit (2) level variable persists for every pageview in a single visit or session but does not persist for repeat visits. You use a visit level scope when you want to track something that happens once in a visit but you don’t want it be associated with repeat visits. Finally a page-level (3) variable persists for that page only so it can change from page to page. What scope you use depends on how long you will want the data to remain for. For our buyer example we will want to track visitors across multiple visits so we will use a visitor level scope.

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